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In a Dark World, Love's Light Shines. Chap 2

Chapter 2




“So Detective, why don’t you say what you really want to say?” Henry said with a challenging tone. “Ok then. I know that you know who did this and you better tell me right now.” Mike said as if to challenge him back. “As I’ve told you before, from the pictures you showed me, yes they are the marks of a vampire. Do I know who, no. I’m able to sense others like me and I haven’t felt anyone’s presence around lately. So that’s about as much as I can help you.” Mike stood in a huff and grabbed his jacket to leave. Vicki gave Henry a look and went after Mike cutting him off at the door. “Listen he’s trying to help, why can’t you just take it for what it is.” “Because Vic, I know he knows something and I’m going to find out what it is.” With that he slammed the door behind him. Vicki turned to walk to the couch when Henry stopped her. “Listen Vicki, you know if I knew the answer I would tell you. But I honestly don’t. The only thing I can tell you is” and his voice trailed of as if he’d gone to another world. “Tell me what Henry, please.” He was by the window now, face pressed against the cold glass, looking down on the city. His city. The place he had called home for so long now. “The other night, I was woken up by something. Not something physical, but something I could feel and it was strong. Kind of like another life, and it felt like it was searching for something. More to the point it felt like it was searching for me. And the only reason I didn’t say anything to Mike is because I’m not sure what it is yet.” Vicki sat with a confused look on her face. “But wouldn’t you be able to tell if it was another vampire?” “Normally, yes. When other vampires are around me, I can sense the smell of death on them. But there’s something different about this one. What bothers me the most, is that it seems familiar to me.”



Back at the station, Mike throws his coat down on the chair and frustratingly runs his hand through his hair. “Bad day?” Kate asks as she hands him a cup of coffee. “You could say that.” “Wanna tell me about it?”  “Well, the case I’m working on has me baffled. I think I know who may have done it, or at least this person knows who did it. But I just can’t prove it.” “And you have no real evidence to show he did it or that he knows who did it right?” “Right. So what would you do?” “Well first I’d check with the family. You know, find out if anyone had something against the wife. Jealousy or what not. If that didn’t pan out, then I’d see if maybe it was a jilted lover from an affair. You know we’ve seen this a hundred times. Guy falls in love wants the wife to leave her family, and when she tells him no, it’s goodnight lover.” Mike now sitting sighs loudly. “Yeah you could be right. It’s just, the wounds aren’t adding up to me. Why would a family member or jilted lover puncture holes in the neck and drain all the blood? It just doesn’t seem logical. I don’t know, maybe I’m over analyzing.” “I think you need a break. You hungry?” Mike looks up at Kate exasperated. “Famished, let’s eat.”



“Vicki I’m gonna head home if you don’t need me anymore.” “Ok Coreen. Thanks for your help today.” “Anytime.” Henry stands to walk Coreen to the door. As is his gentlemanly fashion. “Goodnight Coreen. And be safe getting home. We don’t know what’s out there.” “I will Henry thanks.” He pauses with his hand on the door for a moment and turns to look at Vicki. “God she is beautiful” he thinks to himself. “How have I been able to resist this long?” Vicki is sitting on the couch fumbling through papers about the case. When she feels Henry standing over her, she turns to look up at him. She feels her heart skip a beat at the mere sight of him. “Something wrong?” she asks. No answer, he just looks at her. Her heart, now not skipping beats but doubling up on them as he sits next to her. “Nothing wrong. I wanted talk to you. I was just waiting until Coreen left.” “What’d you want to talk about?” As he gently caresses her face, there’s no answer. He moved in to whisper, so close that she could feel his breath on her neck. “Us” he said softly. That one little word made her body tremble. He brought his lips to hers with a passion that would have knocked her over were she standing. There was no fight from her. With one hand she reached to the back of his head and grabbed a handful of his brown curls. Returning the passion with her lips, his arms were now wrapped completely around her. With no effort at all he pulled her into a straddle on his lap. His lips separated from hers only to come in contact again with her neck. As she let out a slight moan, he kissed gently on her neck. “Not yet” he thought. In one felt swoop he lifted her and carried her to the bedroom. He put her down to close the door when she grabbed him and threw him on the bed. Nearly jumping on top of him, she slammed her lips against his now with such intent it’s as if she were a wild animal with a need to feed. Henry reaching for her shirt, had no problem with buttons. He stopped to look at her and drink in her beauty. He grabbed her and turned her over as to be on top. Little by little he ran his hand up her torso only stopping when he came to her breasts. Gently but passionately he caressed them. Kissing each one softly as he slipped them from her bra. Lightly licking at each nipple was driving Vicki insane. She wanted him so bad, but she didn’t want what she was feeling to end. She moaned and twitched at each lick he gave. Taking her fully into his mouth and sucking only made the moan grow louder. When suddenly he stopped. “What’s wrong?” she asked with concern. “I can feel the sun rising. I have to go.” With a look of utter disappointment, Vicki sighed. “Vicki, you know I want this more than anything. But it will have to wait.” “I know. Come on, I’ll walk you out.” She put on her robe and followed him to the door. With her chin in his hand he gently kissed her. “Goodnight Vicki. I’ll call you later.” With that he was gone. Pausing at the door with a sad whisper, “Goodnight Henry.”

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