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In a Dark World, Love's Light Shines Chapter 3

Chapter 3




It was about 10:40am when Mike showed up at Vicki’s place. Asleep at her desk, Mike woke her with a loud bang of the chair.  “Shit Mike, do you think you could have been any louder?” “Well seeing as you looked so peaceful, I tried to be quiet.” He said with a smirk. With a look of annoyance, “Have I ever told you what a sarcastic bastard you can be?” “Many times.” He said as they both laughed. “So is there a reason for gracing me with your presence this morning?” with a little sarcasm of her own. “Yeah, I need to talk to you. They found another body. Same marks on the neck and no blood.” With a look now of not so much as annoyance but anger Vicki snapped back, “So let me guess, you think it was Henry.” “Well Vicki, he did seem a little flippant about the other three victims. How do I know he has nothing to do with this? I mean he is the only vampire I know of.” With a raised voice now, “Mike if I have to tell you one more time that it wasn’t Henry, I’m gonna go insane.” Returning the loud tone Mike snapped back “Well how do you know Vicki? He has to feed right. So how do you know where he went last night and what he did?” “Because I do ok. I just do.” Averting Mike’s stare she walked to the couch and exhaustingly plopped down. The memory of last night playing over and over in her head. The feeling of Henry’s lips, and how her body felt in his hands. Mike noticing her distance quickly brought her back to reality. “What are you not telling me Vicki? How do you know Henry didn’t do this?” “Because Mike, Henry was with me last night. All night, until the sun came up. That’s how I know alright. Are you satisfied now? Is that what you wanted to hear” Her voice growing louder and angrier as she spoke. He stared at her with a blank look that had a touch or hurt behind it. “What do you mean he was with you all night?” “What do you need a translator? I mean here was here with me until dawn.” Running his hands through his hair now as he paced the room, he painfully asked, “Vicki, you didn’t” and he couldn’t finish the question. She looked at him, shocked that he would ask something like that. “Would my answer make this situation any different? Or is this question just due to your fragile ego?” Each word that came out of her mouth was dripping with disdain. Now annoyed with her he lashed back. “Yeah you know what, it might make me feel better.” “Fine” she said with a defeated tone, “Not that it’s any of your business, but no. Nothing happened last night.” In her own mind desperately wishing something had happened. A sort of relieved look washed over Mike’s face as he sat on the couch. “Fine, you say he was with you and nothing happened I believe you. But I still have a body with puncture wounds on the neck.” “Mike listen, when I talked to Henry last night he said he honestly didn’t know who or what caused this. But he did feel the presence of something. He just not sure what it is yet. That’s why he didn’t say anything to you.” “Oh so I guess I’m not the only one who can have a bruised ego huh?” He said with a bit of victory in his voice. “You know what Mike, Henry did the best that he can to help. Now I’m sorry if that wasn’t enough for you but that’s that. I might be able to help a little more after tonight though.” Looking at her with a bit of concern now, “What do you mean after tonight?” “Well, Henry and I are going to try and find what did this. He said he felt the presence of something, so maybe he can track it around the city. Who knows?” “Listen Vicki, I don’t want you running off with Henry to hunt this, whatever it is and getting hurt.” “Thanks for the concern Dad, but I’ll be fine. As long as I stay with Henry he won’t let anything happen to me.” “You sure about that?” Handing him his coat and leading him to the door she poked him in the side. “Yes I’m sure. Now get out I have work to do. I’ll call you later and let you know if we find anything.” With a completely sincere tone Mike turned as he walked out the door, “Be careful Vic.”



In the cab on the way to Henry’s, Vicki can’t help but play the scene of what happened, or what almost happened, over and over again in her head. She still can’t believe it. Finally a chance to show Henry how she really feels, only to be cut off in her attempt. “Well” she thought to herself “If I ever get the chance again, I’m not going to let anything stop me.” The cab pulled up in front of Henry’s place. As she paid she could feel him looking down on her. When the elevator reached his floor it felt like a movie to Vicki. Everything was happening in slow motion. The elevator door opened up and there he was. Standing there, staring at her with such intent you could feel it. Not a word was spoken before Henry was in the elevator with Vicki’s lips attached to his. He kissed her with more passion then she had felt the night before. She returned his passion equally before noticing the elevator door closing. “Henry the door” she panted. “Shhhhhh” was all he said as he reached back to hit the emergency stop. She looked at him with a devilish smile and started to unbutton her coat. As it fell to the floor all Henry could do was look at her. She really was beautiful. And he loved everything about her. He moved closer to her and heard her take a quick breath in. She looked him in the eyes and grabbed the back of his neck to pull him in. With no fight from Henry she quickly unbuttoned his shirt and threw it to the floor. Now exploring his torso with her hands she can’t help but think to herself, “Finally. I’ve been wanting this for so long.” Henry stopped to look at her and like an animal tore her shirt off.  Vicki smiled at the passion he was displaying. Once again she was in his hands. He gently caressed each breast as he kissed her. His lips slowly moving down her neck and to the lace trim on her bra. He licked her breasts right above the lace and teasingly smiled up at her. She smiled back as he removed each one from its cup. He kissed at first then gently took one into his mouth. Flicking the nipple with his tongue was driving her crazy. Hearing her moan Henry began to suck. Which in turn made her moan even more. He turned to the other breast and did the same. Her hands wrapped around his neck and into his hair. Grabbing handfuls with every flick of his tongue. She wasn’t sure just how much more she could take. She playfully pushed him back and turned him so his back was against the wall. Looking at him with a coy little smile, she slammed her lips into his. Moving down his neck and playfully nipping the skin. She giggled at the quick intake of breath she heard. “So this is what it feels like to be a vampire huh?” As she tasted his skin her nails made their way down his chiseled chest and to his belt. Where she lingered for a minute before unbuckling it.  Slowly she inched Henry’s pants away from his waist and to his knees. Now standing there in all his glory, he couldn’t help but smile. As Vicki made her way down to his hardness, he cupped her chin in his hand and smiled. She slowly licked her way around before fully taking him into her mouth. Henry let out a deep growl as she sucked. His hand now in her hair, she was driving him crazy. If he didn’t have her soon he was going to burst. He stopped her and stood her up. Adjusting his pants, he pushed the button for the elevator to move. “What are you doing?” she asked. “Vicki, I have been waiting for this for so long. I’m not going to have you in an elevator.” The bell rang for his floor and he scooped her up in his arms and carried her into his apartment and to the bedroom where he gently laid her on the bed. Looking at her now with not only passion but love in his eyes. She returned his gaze. Slowly climbing on top of her, he kissed her softly all over. He gradually led his hand to the button of her jeans. Unbuttoning and slowly pulling them off. He looked at her laying there in her bra and panties. Thinking he had never seen a more precious site then the woman he loved, waiting for him. He removed the remainder of her clothes and did the same with his. As he placed his weight on top of her, she guided him to the right spot. She gasped as he entered her as did he. Softly at first he thrust into her. With every push it seemed his eyes grew blacker. Her nails now scratching their way down his back as his thrusts became harder. Her moans only drove him harder into her. And his bellowing growls made her push against him more. His lips were once again on hers. He could feel her tighting which meant she was close and so was he. He trailed his way from her lips to her neck. The night before he stopped himself. He wasn’t going to now. He lifted his head and let his fangs show as he sunk into her neck. A sound like she’d never heard herself make escaped her. The slight pain was nothing compared to the pleasure she was feeling. Henry drank every precious drop that came from the wounds. The both of them, bodies writhing against each other as they climaxed, were in heaven. As they eventually catch their breath, Henry still on top of her, brushes the hair from her face. Looking at her now with more love than she ever felt he whispered “Vicki, that was the most amazing thing I have felt in all my years. I didn’t think I could feel that way again. I….” And she placed her finger to his lips. “I love you too Henry” she said as she gave him a soft kiss and curled into his arms.

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