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In a Dark World, Love's Light Shines Chap 4

Chapter 4


When they woke it was 11:00pm. As she gently caressed his chest, Vicki thought to herself, “It can’t get any better than this. The man I love, laying here with me wrapped up in his arms.” A smile spread across her face and Henry noticed. “What are you thinking about” Vicki lifting her head to look at him, “Oh nothing, just that I couldn’t be happier than I am right now.” Kissing her forehead softly he said, “I know what you mean. But we do have a case to solve.” Groaning Vicki sat up. Quickly Henry grabbed her and spun her around to steal a kiss. A passionate kiss that took Vicki by surprise. “You keep doing that Mister and this case will never get solved.” With a smile Henry got out of bed and headed towards the shower. Vicki couldn’t help but admire as he walked away.



Out on the street, Henry and Vicki went to all the spots they could think of to look for whatever it was responsible. “Can you sense anything Henry?” “There is something out here; I just can’t tell what it is. All I know is its very strong and we’re getting closer to it.” As they continued to walk, Henry saw something ahead. It looked like two people, but one of them looked as if they were struggling. “Vicki, stay here.” With the, don’t treat like I’m a child look, Vicki opened her mouth to speak but didn’t get a word out before Henry stopped her. He had an intent look on his face and simply said, “Victoria please, now that I have you I am not going to lose you. We don’t know what this thing is. And I am not taking the chance of you getting hurt. Please just once, listen to me.” Vicki could see from the look on his face he wasn’t playing around. He really loved her and she understood that. “Ok, I’ll stay here. But if you get into trouble I can’t guarantee anything.” With a gentle kiss on her forehead, “Thank you.” As Henry crept through the shadows of the trees, he could see the creature, which oddly enough seemed to be a human form. Only Henry knew it wasn’t. He could see it was feeding from the other helpless person. When Henry was close enough to attack his eyes grew black and fangs were bared. As he charged, the creature dropped the lifeless body of the other person and turned to face their attacker. Henry stopped. This was a teenager. A vampire, but a teenager. Using his power of persuasion Henry grabbed the boy by the shoulders. He knew a young vampire would be easy to convince into giving answers. “Who are you and what are you doing here?” “My name is Tristan. My maker brought me here to learn the ways of the night.” He knew it. He knew there had to be someone else. The presence he felt was too strong to be this boy. Vicki now standing at Henry’s side. “Who is this kid Henry?” That’s what I’m trying to find out.” “Who is your sire and where are they?” A rustle in the bushes startled both Henry and Vicki. “Oh come now Henry, you should be able to feel me. After all it is I who made you.” Without realizing it he let go of the boy. With a look of shock on his face Henry spoke one word. “Christina.” Vicki now had the shocked look. “What? This is her. This is the one who made you?” Christina looked at Vicki as if to say, you can not do anything to harm me mortal, don’t even try. “So I see you have a little friend now Henry. She’s cute” Now enraged Henry asked “What are you doing here Christina? Why have you come back?” Moving closer to Henry now, Christina could smell the scent she had so long ago enjoyed. “I missed you Henry. I wanted to see you. I thought maybe we could have a little fun in this drab city. You know, make a little fun of our own again.” “That was a long time ago Christina. Our days together are over. I don’t ever want to see you or feel you around here again. If you so much as even think about hunting in my city again, you will be sorry.” Grabbing Vicki by the arm and practically dragging her back to the car Vicki couldn’t help but look back to see Christina. She in turn staring at Henry and Vicki walk away. “We’ll see Henry, we’ll see.” Christina said in a whisper.



Back at Henry’s, he barely spoke a word for the first hour or so. He just sat at his drafting table working on the next issue. Vicki, pacing back and forth trying to decide weither or not to say anything about Christina. She couldn’t take the uncomfortable silence anymore. “Henry listen. I know how it must make you feel to see her after all these years. But we have to do something. I mean, know that we she and that kid are responsible for the murders. We have to stop her.” Henry just looked at her. It was a look Vicki wasn’t used to seeing on his face. It was hurt mixed with rage mixed with confusion. She didn’t know how to react to it. He stood from the draft table and came towards her. Placing his hands on her arms he sat her on the couch. “Vicki, I’m not sure why she’s here. I can guarantee seeing me is not the only reason. If she missed me that much she would have showed up a long time ago. There’s something else behind it. I just don’t know what. And frankly, it has me worried.” See the concern on his face, Vicki placed a hand on his shoulder. “Henry, you don’t have to do this alone, I’m here for you. I will always be here for you. You know that.” “Yes I do know that Vicki, but this is different. I can’t take the chance of Christina hurting you. I love you too much to lose you.” Placing her hands on his face now Vicki whispered to him. “And I love you. And I refuse to sit back and let you do this alone. I don’t want to see you get hurt either. So you mister, are just going to have to deal with the fact that I’m not going anywhere.” He looked at her knowing he wasn’t going to win this argument. “There’s just no convincing you is there?” “Come on Henry, you should know that by now. Remember, your powers of persuasion don’t work on me.” Wrapping his arms around her, he kissed her. Returning his embrace she moved as close a possible to him. He looked at her with love in his eyes and she at him. “It’s almost dawn. Let’s go to bed.” “Good idea I’m beat.” She stood to walk but was swept off her feet and into his arms. As they lay in bed, her head and hand on his chest stroking the soft brown curls. He gently stroking her hair. “Vicki, I know I’ve said before but I want you to know I really do love you. More than anything I have ever loved before.” It seemed as if he was trying to convince her that Christina no longer meant anything to him. “Henry, I know you do. I can feel it without you even saying it. And I love you more than life itself.” See the dawn was beginning to take him she said, “Now got to sleep. I’ll see you later tonight.” He lifted her chin and gave her the sweetest kiss as the day claimed him. She spoke to herself now. “God, I know I haven’t always talked to you as much as I should, but please, please don’t let this end.”

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