July 30th, 2009

Robert Pattinson and the craziness that follows!!

Ok, it has finally built up to the point were I have to say something and vent. I am a huge fan of Robert Pattinson, and it as just gotten to a ridiculous level of craziness. Let me just say again, that I am a big big fan of his, and would love to meet him and have a conversation with him just as much as the next person. But I can't stress this enough........... he is a human being and is being treated like a piece of meat. I mean honestly, do you think screaming at him and trying to maul him is going to make him want to talk to you? Be real! Believe me, if I met him in person i'd probably be dumbfounded and hyperventilate for a few minutes. But there would certainly be no screaming and running after him. Yes I know that he is undeniably gorgeous, and the accent is to die for, but Jesus Christ, let the man have some privacy. This not only goes out to fans but the paps too. They hound on him like vultures. I just feel bad for him that he can't have any semblance of a normal life without having to look over his shoulder. And not only that, but these crazy fan girls that are trying to hang on his neck and at scream at him, are giving us normal fans a bad name. Now he was recently filming here in NY and was clipped by a cab because he was trying to get away. I was actually thinking of going down to the city to maybe catch some of the filming, but i'd be right there in the throngs of fans, and would probably get labled as on of the crazy ones. Plus I probably wouldn't get within 20 feet of him to take a picture, so I scratched that idea. I just think there's a limit, a line you should never cross when it comes to being a fan. Yes tell him how much you love his work or his character, its even ok to tell him how gorgeous you think he is. But for god's sake don't tell him you're in love with him, or scream whenever he comes into view. That just makes him feel uncomfortable. Now for me it sucks because these crazy fan girls have given NY fans a bad name, and I would hate if he didn't come back to NY because of that. I mean honestly think about it. If it was you, would you want someone hanging around in your face all day, trying to snap a picture every corner you turn, or have hundreds of people screaming at you at a decibel that could probably deafen you. I'm guessing the answer is no. So why would you think that he would enjoy it? I have to sympathize with him because if it was me, I would have ripped my air out a long time ago. I give Rob credit for doing it all with a smile. And really who is he doing it all for anyway?? Us....his fans. So be a little respective of his privacy and personal space. If there is anyway this message can get out to Rob I just want him to know,

Your fans truly do appreciate what you do, and the hard work you put into your roles. We aren't all goin to scream at you when we see you. Although inside were doing flips. We'd just like the chance get to know you, without the cameras and paps, you know, behind the scenes of Rob as it were. I as a NY'er apolgoize sincerely for all that has happened here. I hope it doesn't spoil your take on NY and that you do come back one day for recreation rather than work. Much love and cheers to you Rob!!! Keep that beautiful smile on your face.