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In a Dark World, Loves Light Shines Chapter 6

Chapter 6



Admiring herself in the mirror, Christina turned when the door opened. “Excuse me mistress, I just wanted to know if we’d be hunting again tonight.” Tristan asked innocently. After all he was still a child. And forever would be. “In due time my precious one. One of the tricks of survival for our kind is to learn to control the hunger. You will become accustom to it in time” With that and a nod he retreated from the door. Turning back to the mirror she thought, “Time, that’s all I have left in this world. Except, for Henry. He will be mine again.” She grinned to herself then spoke out loud. “Yes he will be mine again. It’s just a shame I’m going to have to kill his little friend.” An evil laugh emerged from her throat as she spun on her heels to leave.



Mike had all but destroyed his apartment when he got back. Throwing pictures of him and Vicki off the shelves. Any memory he could find, was now on the floor. He was truly hurt. But being the man he was, he wasn’t going to cry about it. Instead, try to wipe Vicki from his memory. Until, he came upon one picture. It was from when Vicki first joined the force. The two of them, in uniform standing side by side. That’s how it always was with them. There for each other no matter what. He took the picture with him as he sat on the couch. Remembering how it used to be, he suddenly became angry and punched the picture shattering the glass into a hundred pieces. Cutting his hand in the process. He went to the kitchen to tend to the wound when there was a knock at the door. “Oh who the fuck could that be?” he thought to himself. Opening the door in a huff, “Yeah what do you.....Kate, what are you doing here?” “Hey Mike. We got worried when you didn’t come back to the station and didn’t call, so I thought I’d check up on you.” Mike hanging his head as he spoke didn’t want Kate to know what was really going on. “I’m fine Kate really. Thank you.” She took a couple of steps into his apartment, looked around and turned back to him. “You sure because right now you look about as crappy as this place does.” He couldn’t hold back the snort of laughter. “Yeah what can I say, I fired the housekeeper.” Handing him one of the two cups of coffee she had, she walked to sit on the couch. “Tell me what’s wrong Mike. I can see it in your eyes.” Eyes now on the floor he joined her on the couch. Placing his coffee on the table he leaned back crossing his arms over his head. “Ah Kate, it’s a long and twisted story. Don’t worry I’ll be fine.” “But I won’t be Mike.” A look of surprise crossed Mike’s face. He didn’t know what to make of that comment. Kate now looking at the floor herself struggled with the fact whether to continue or not. “Look Mike, I’ve been sitting by and watching you agonize over Vicki for almost two years now. I can’t stand to see you like this anymore. You have to realize, what you two had is over and what you will have for the rest of your life is friendship. That’s it.” Placing a hand on his knee she spoke again. “Mike, you have to see what’s waiting right in front of you.” Looking down at her hand he placed his own on top of it. “Maybe you’re right.” Inching her way closer to him, her other hand now gently on his cheek. “I am right Mike, trust me.” Searching her eyes for something, he damned all thought in his head and kissed her. His arms wrapping around her like a blanket, she moved closer to him doing the same. The kiss was warm and passionate. He had no other thought in his head at that moment, except one. The one, that snapped him back into reality. Pulling back from her, “Kate, I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean for that to happen.” “It’s okay Mike. I didn’t either. But there was nothing wrong with it.” “No, there wasn’t. I just, I have to straighten a lot of things out in my head first.” “That’s okay; I have to get back to the station anyway. I’ll see you tomorrow then?” “I’ll be there.” He walked her to the door, giving her a soft kiss on the cheek. “Thanks again Kate.” With a nod she left. Leaning against the closed door he ran his hands through his hair. The one thought still with him, Vicki.



Henry stayed after Coreen had left, hoping to comfort Vicki. He knew she was hurting. And although he didn’t like Cellucci, he was a part of Vicki’s life. And he was willing to accept anything that came along with Vicki, Mike included. He watched her at the window, trying to hear her thoughts. She turned to him and smiled. “What are you looking at?” “You, just you. How beautiful you are when the moonlight hits your face. The way your hair seems to glow and your eyes look like diamonds.” She felt her cheeks begin to blush. No one had ever spoken to her like that before. She walked to him wrapping her arms around his neck. “You know, I think you chose the wrong profession. You should have gone into greeting cards.” She giggled at the thought. “I’m only like this when I’m around you love.” With one hand around her waist and the other in her hair he pulled her in for a slow, sensual kiss. Her hands now entangling themselves in his hair, she returned the kiss with passion. Moving his hand slowly down her back to meet his other on her waist, he tightened his hold on her. Her hands now making their way down his chest and around to his back. The last time they were together it was about lust. Lust that had been building for so long it consumed the both of them. This time, and Henry would make sure of it, would be about their passion for each other. It would be about him showing her all the pleasure in the world. The kissing became fire to her. Igniting every inch of her body. She shuddered at every touch. Every kiss sent shockwaves through her. Henry placed his hands on her buttocks and lifted her with ease onto his hips. She could feel his arousal and felt her own as well. He could smell the desire on her; hear her blood calling to him which hardened him even further. As she traced his lips with her tongue, he met it with his. Delving into each other’s mouth, tasting the sweetness. He now had her back against the wall, letting his hands roam every inch of her. He thrust into her, letting her know what he wanted. She in turn brought herself down on him, letting him know she was going to give it to him. She slowly inched her way to his belt line, pulling his shirt from his waist and over his head. She gazed at his perfect form. Licking her lips with anticipation. She slid her legs from around him to stand. Tracing her nails up and down his chest as she kissed his neck. Her kisses moved their way down until she reached his rock hard nipples. She playfully licked one as she rolled the other between her fingers. He let out a guttural growl as she teased. Standing her upright, he looked her deep in the eyes and with a wicked smile said, “My turn.” Sliding his hands up along her torso, taking the shirt with them. Taking advantage of the position he was in, he fully engulfed her breasts in his hands. Squeezing and massaging them till he heard he moan with delight. Silently cursing the man who invented the bra. With expertise and one hand the bra snapped open and fell to the floor fully exposing her heaving breast to him. A beautiful site he thought as he took one into his mouth. She gasped at the feeling of his hands on her body. It was as if they were made to be there. Not wanting to neglect, Henry took the other one into his mouth as he played with the other. Her hands desperately grabbing handfuls of his hair. She begged him, “Henry please.” With a look in her eyes, he knew what she meant. Her legs were once again wrapped around him as he carried her to the bedroom. Sitting on the bed with her straddling his lap, she moved her hands slowly to his jeans. Unbuttoning them and laying him back. Standing over him she tugged the jeans till they were off. It was her chance to admire him. He had the most gorgeous body she’d ever seen. Trailing her eyes from his chest to the center of him. Which she could see through his boxer briefs, was quite aroused. Biting her lower lip she reached for the waistband when he stood up. He didn’t so much tower over her, but he was a good 5 inches taller. She loved looking up into those blue eyes though. He reached for the button of her jeans, slowly sliding them down her legs along with her panties. He trailed kisses on his way back up only stopping when he reached her center. She moaned with pleasure. He loved hearing that sound from her. And he loved the fact that he was the reason for it. He licked her so gently but it sent electricity through her. Begging with his tongue for her to open to him, she placed one foot on the bed. His hands now wrapped around, squeezing her butt with every lick. He began to suck her already swollen nub. Moaning she grabbed the back of his had and pushed further into his mouth. He loved how uninhibited she was with him. He made his way back to her mouth taking her lips and letting her taste herself. She, looking at him with a devilish grin said, “My turn.” Licking her way down she stopped at her favorite part. The V. Taking her time to lick each side of it, he let out a deep growl. Playfully teasing she wrapped her hand around his shaft and licked the tip before fully taking him into her mouth. He gasped at the warmth of her. The feeling of her tongue wrapping around the most sensitive part of him. He didn’t know how much longer he could take not being inside her. With a handful of her hair, he thrust into her mouth making her moan. Lifting her to her feet. He plunged his tongue into her mouth and it danced with hers. Turning her back to him, he kissed her shoulders, the nape of her neck and any other part that was within reach. “Vicki, I need to be inside you. I need to feel you around me.” “Yes” was all she could say before he had her on the bed and he was on top of her. His stiff cock pressing hard into her thigh begging to be let in. Parting her legs, Henry found where he wanted to be. He entered with a solid thrust that made her cry out in pleasure. The feeling of being inside her was incomparable to any other he’d ever felt. The slow rocking of his hips made her moan louder and louder. His bellowing growls just as loud. Henry found a part of her that she didn’t know she had. With every thrust he sent her further into heaven and he was going along for the ride. He could sense her rising orgasm and felt his own rising as well. He pulled her up to him and she wrapped her legs around his waist. Thrusting harder and faster now, he nuzzled at her neck, smelling the precious life flowing beneath its surface. He let his fangs emerge and sunk into her neck. His bite took her over the edge and she came hard, as did he. He gently licked the wound to make sure it was closed as they fell back onto the bed. Both out of breath and completely satisfied. She turned to him, looked into his eyes with more love than he had ever know. “Henry, that was the most amazing thing I have ever felt. I don’t mean just physically. I felt as if you were truly inside my heart. Like we were made for each other. Does that sound crazy?” He laughed and kissed her forehead. “Not at all love. I feel the same way. I have never trusted anyone enough before to let them get this close to my heart. But you, have not only gotten close to my heart, you’ve taken it over.” With a smile she kissed him. “Henry I love you.” “I love you too. More than you know. More than you know.” He stroked her hair as they fell asleep in each others arms.

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