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               "Ok, so it's been two years.
I’m completely in love with the guy, and my dumb ass hasn’t made a move yet. He obviously cares about me. He shows me in everyway possible. So what the hell is wrong with me?” Vicki played this question over and over in her head with always the same resounding answer, “I’m scared.” “Scared of what you fool? Henry has proven to you many times that he would never hurt you, and that you could trust him not only with your life but your heart.” The mental fight with herself was going nowhere. Vicki decided she had to do something about it and soon. Before she rejected Henry for the last time and lost him for good. “Nope, not going to let that happen” she thought. But what to do? Vicki mulled over this idea and that. Finally, something clicked in her brain. She would show Henry just how much she cared, but in the most unconventional way.
Vicki ran around town that afternoon gathering everything she would need to carry out her plan. She giggled to herself picturing Henry’s reaction to it all. “Boy, is he gonna be shocked when he sees this.” Involved in her own fantasy, Vicki wasn’t watching where she was walking and bumped right into someone, spilling her packages. She looked up to apologize and came face to face with Mike.
 “Hey Vik, what’s new?”
 “Hey Mike. I’m so sorry for bumping into you like that. I wasn’t looking.”
“Hey no worries, let me help you with your packages.” But before Vicki could stop him, he had already bent down, retrieving the items that had fallen out. “Ummm Vik, what the hell is this thing?” Mike asked holding up a long, thick leather handle accompanied by nine long leather straps.  Flustered, and now blushing Vicki replied,
“Well, ummmm, it’s called a Cat o’ Nine Tails.” Mike gave her that look that’s somewhere between confusion and knowing, but not wanting to know. Realizing what Mike must be thinking, she shifted her eyes downward for a moment. “Listen Mike, we have to talk.” Here goes nothing, she thought.  “I wanted to let you know that although I will always love you and you’ll always have a place in my heart,  I’m in love with Henry and I need to be with him.” She hesitated, watching his face,  “I hope you can understand that.”
Mike took a second before he spoke, to let what she’d said sink in, “Listen Vik, you know how I feel about Capitan Midnight, but if being with him is what it takes to make you happy, and I mean truly happy, then I wish you nothing but the best. Both of you.” Eyes wide and mouth slightly gapped, Vicki did a double take on Mike’s reaction and had to ask,
“What?  Did you just say what I think you said?” Chuckling Mike said, “Yeah Vik, you heard me right. Although I’m not his biggest fan, I see how you are with him and I just want you to be happy.”
“Wow Mike, I never thought I’d hear you say that, but thank you.”
“Listen Vik, I gotta go, but I’ll talk to you soon ok?” Still reeling from what Mike’s reaction, she barely heard him as he kissed her on the cheek and turned to leave.
Racing back to her apartment to set everything up, she hummed delightedly to herself thinking about the night to come. She’d get everything set up, then leave Henry a message to come to her apartment as soon as he woke up. She’d make it sound urgent to ensure he got there as soon as possible. “Don’t lose your nerve Nelson, this is your last chance.” She kept repeating the mantra in her head so as to not do what Vicki Nelson usually did when it comes to men. Run and hide. Not this time. This time it was the real deal. Once everything was done, she picked up the phone with a shaky hand and punched in the numbers. Of course, she knew Henry wouldn’t be awake yet, but that was the idea. “This is Fitzroy, you know what to do at the beep.” “Henry it’s me. Listen I need you to come to my place right away. I need your urgent help with something. Please as soon as you wake up get over here.” As soon as she hung up she giggled thinking, “That should do the trick.” She put her best into sounding nervous knowing Henry would be there in a flash.
The first breath of the night was never an easy one for Henry. It sent all the sounds and smells of the city crashing into him at once. He could never get used to it, even after 480 years. He casually climbed out of bed and headed towards the bathroom to shower. He paused when he heard his cell phone beep that he had a message. He knew it could only be from one person. The one person who tortured him beyond belief without even touching him. Flipping the phone open and hitting the button, his amused smile soon became a concerned frown. Vicki’s message had him worried and he was dressed and out the door in five minutes flat. Nice thing to have, that vampire speed.
He pulled up in front of Vicki’s apartment not knowing what to expect when he got upstairs and made it up in no time. Listening at the door for a moment to make sure Vicki was alone, he heard one rapid heartbeat. He knew the rhythm was Vicki’s but that’s not to say some undead monster wasn’t in there torturing her. He kicked open the door but saw nothing. Everything was eerily calm. And candlelit. “Vicki, are you okay?”
“I’m fine Henry, I’m in the bedroom.” As he turned the corner, there she was, standing in the doorway. His mouth just about hit the floor. Had he had a heartbeat, it would have stopped the second he saw her. He couldn’t believe the site that stood before him. There she was, wearing thigh high black leather boots over fishnet thigh highs that were attached by suspenders to black leather panties. Above that was a black leather corset that clung to her every curve, accentuating her assets. And to top it off she had on a black studded choker. Her hair was in tousled curls and her makeup was done wickedly dark. “I think the question Henry is, are you okay?”
“That, I’m not quite sure of. Because right now I think I’m dreaming.”
A slow and devilish smile played across her face as she sauntered over to him. When she was about three inches from his face she looked him in the eye and said in her most sultry voice, “Come on now Henry, you know vampires don’t dream.”
“Well then this is the best non dream I’ve ever had. What’s the occasion?”
“After all this time, I thought I should finally show how I feel about you.”
“Oh? And exactly how is it that you feel?”
 “Come with me, let me show you.” She took his hand and slowly steered him further into the bedroom. Henry wasn’t used to being led, but wasn’t opposed to the view he was getting. He loved the sway of her hips when she walked. Once in the bedroom he was again shocked at what he saw.
There were candles everywhere, and a couple of items he didn’t remember being in Vicki’s apartment before. He also happened to notice two sets of handcuffs attached to the bed.
“Umm Vicki, what are those for?”
 “Oh those, those are for you.” He looked at her with a devilish smile of his own. He reached up to brush a strand of hair from her face and let his hand glide to the back of her neck. The touch sent electricity down her spine and he knew it. She looked at him through thick, dark lashes and reached up to push his jacket off his shoulders. Then she slowly undid each button of his shirt and let it fall to the floor, letting her hands linger over his toned chest. Once his shirt hit the floor he couldn’t control himself anymore. He pulled her into the fiercest kiss she ever felt, every fiber of her being set on fire. Realizing unlike him she needed breath, he pulled back. The passion that bore into each other’s eyes was unmistakable. She spun him around and pushed him onto the bed. Like a cat, she slinked her way up the bed towards him, straddling him all the way. Only when her lips were mere centimeters from his, did she stop. She let her lips graze his ever so slightly as to tease. Then he heard the click of one set of handcuffs, then the other. She smiled coyly and bit her bottom lip to portray innocence, but Henry knew better.
“Now, what to do with a gorgeous vampire, handcuffed to my bed.” She knew Henry could break free of the cuffs, he just had to choose not to. Which in her little game, was the way she wanted it. She climbed off the bed and reached under it, only to come up a long black feather. “Henry, tell me. Are you ticklish?”
“Not ticklish per se, but much more sensitive to touch then humans yes.”
“Hmmmm, good.” As she traced the feather down each side of his neck, across his arms, all over his chest, she lingered when she reached the waistband of his low riding jeans. She teased the spot she so desperately wanted to lick. The crease on both sides of his pelvis that formed a V, was too delicious not to indulge. She lowered her head to do just that. As she slowly let her tongue follow the path of the feather, she heard him let out a low growl and smiled to herself. She sat up on her knees and looked directly into his eyes, while she quickly made his belt disappear, then again with her cat like grace, she made quick work of his jeans and boxers.
There he was, laid before her in all his glory. She licked her way down his torso until she reached her goal. She placed herself between his legs  to give him a perfect view of what she was about to do to him. With one hand wrapped around his shaft, she flicked her tongue at the tip of him, loving his reaction.  Not wanting to tease him, or herself anymore, she took him fully into her mouth, which caused him to arch off the bed. She languidly licked and sucked every inch of him until he couldn’t take it. Now normally, Henry was well in control of himself. But when it came to Vicki, need and passion overrode all his senses. She hadn’t even realized he slipped out of the cuffs until she felt his hands grip her shoulders. He pulled her up to him so he could take her lips in the most demanding way. He had flipped her onto her back before she realized it, and then she was looking up at him on his knees.   He placed his hand in between her breasts and gripped the corset. In one swift movement he ripped it from her body. “I want to see all of you. I want to feel every inch of your skin on mine. I want to feel the heat from your body radiate through mine.” She knew the panties she was wearing stood no chance against being torn off as well. He ripped those from her but decided to leave the stockings on. After all, she had gone through the trouble of getting all dressed up for him. “Now it’s my turn to have a little fun,” he said with a wicked grin.
He glided his hands up her arms and directed her wrists to the cuffs he so easily slipped out of, knowing she couldn’t do the same so easily. He placed gentle but heated kisses from her neck down to her breasts. Henry took one in each hand and felt it only fair to tease her the way she had him. He flicked his tongue at each nipple until he felt her writhing beneath him. He heard the soft moans escape her lips and was pleased that it was he who caused it. He took the right one into his mouth and sucked greedily. Not wanting to ignore the left he rolled the nipple between his fingers.
Wanting to please every inch of her, he switched and placed his mouth upon the left one. He continued his ministrations down her abdomen until he came to the spot he’d been so longing to touch and taste. He licked the inside of each of her thighs. He slid his hands around from her butt to open her folds and allowed his tongue to take over. He lapped at the juices flowing from her like a child would at a dripping ice cream cone. Savoring the taste of her, Henry gently sucked on the nub and felt her shudder when his teeth grazed it. Fearing he had hurt her, he looked up and saw nothing but pleasure on her face. He continued to taste her until he heard a small whimper from her.
“Henry please, please, I need to touch you. I need to feel you inside me.” Not wanting to disappoint her, he slid up her body and released her from the cuffs. She pulled him into a desperate kiss that caused her heart to race even more than it already was. He couldn’t ignore his own need to be inside her either. With a fast movement he thrust into her hard. The only thing he heard in that moment was her cry of pleasure and the growl from his own throat. With every thrust, she felt him bury himself deeper into her. No man had every made her feel this way. Not just physically but emotionally. She felt the need to be with this man with her heart, her mind and her soul.
With her legs wrapped around his waist, he slammed into her with every inch of himself over and over again. She screamed his name and he’d never heard a more beautiful sound then his name on her lips in the throes of passion. He felt her coming close to the edge of ecstasy and wanted to make sure she felt it completely. He lifted her into a sitting position on his lap with her legs still around his waist, so as to allow him even deeper access within her, giving her a little more control over the rhythm, but still allowing him complete contact with her body. When he felt her pick up her pace he knew she was close. Brushing the hair away from her neck, he let himself revert to his bestial nature, he licked until he found the sweet spot where neck met shoulder. His fangs pierced her skin and that was all she needed to send her over the edge. Screaming his name once more as he sucked in the rich, and a bit spicy, life giving liquid that came from the wounds. A taste that was genuinely Vicki. Feeling his own release near, he licked the wounds to heal and thrust into her harder and faster. A low, rumbling growl emitted from him as he spilled himself inside her. With her body still shuddering he wrapped his arms tightly around her, and placed his head against her breast to hear the sound of what he treasured most, her heart.
When he heard it slow, he laid her back on the bed and pulled her into his embrace. With her head on his chest, she slowly ran her hand through the fine curls while he softly stroked her hair. “Vicki, that was….” He couldn’t come up with the right word to describe what they had just experienced together.
“Amazing?” she finished for him. Leaning up on one arm, he looked into her eyes with sincerity. “In all my lifetimes, I have never met a woman like you. One who could make me lose control and calm me at the same time.” She smiled as he brought his face down to hers. She placed a sweet kiss upon his lips and giggled.    “What’s so funny?” He asked.
“I was just thinking about this afternoon, when I was running around getting all the stuff to prepare this. I ran into Mike, literally. I dropped my packages and you should have seen the look on his face when the stuff fell out.”
“Well, what exactly did he see?” She reached under the side of the bed to grab something and he sat up to peek. She pulled out the Cat o’ Nine Tails. Henry arched an eyebrow at her and said, “When were you planning to spring that one on me?”
 “Tonight, I just didn’t get the chance.” Loving this naughty side of her, he was still curious.
“So what did Mike say?”
 “Well, he said that he wishes us both the best.”
 “And what would make him say that?” “Well it could be the fact that I told him that I am in love with you and want to be with you for the rest of my life. And that I would always love him as a friend.”
“Wait, you told him what?”
“That I would always love him…”
“No not that part, the other.”
“I told him that I love you. Yes.   I love you, Henry and I’m not afraid to say it anymore.” Cupping her face in his hands he kissed her.
“Vicki, I love you with my entire being and will always be here for you. And I will never love another as I love you”
“I know Henry.” He pulled her into his embrace once more and they lay back together. As he stroked her back, he felt her drift to sleep. He looked at the woman he loved and gently kissed her forehead uttering three little words that were barely audible. “Forever my love.”
The end!!
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